204 Rosewood Lane (Cedar Cove #2)

204 Rosewood Lane (Cedar Cove #2)


Genres: Romance

Status: Full

Updated date: 05:10:29 12/08/2022

Description "204 Rosewood Lane (Cedar Cove #2)"

One Grace Sherman stared down at the legal form that would start the divorce proceedings. She sat in the attorney’s office with Maryellen, her oldest daughter, who’d come with her to offer support. Grace reminded herself that this should be straightforward, that her decision was made. She was ready to end her marriage, ready to piece together her shattered life. To begin again…But her hand shook as she picked up the pen. The inescapable fact was that she didn’t want this—but Dan hadn’t left her with any other option. Five months ago, in April, her husband of almost thirty-six years had disappeared. Vanished without a trace. One day everything was perfectly normal, and the next he was gone. Apparently by choice and without a word of explanation. Even now, Grace had difficulty believing that the man she’d lived with, the man she’d loved and with whom she’d had two daughters, could do anything as cruel as this. If Dan had fallen out of love with her, she could accept that. She would’ve found enough pride, enough generosity, to release him without bitterness. If he was that miserable in their marriage, she would’ve gladly set him free to find happiness with someone else. What she couldn’t forgive was the misery he’d heaped on their family’s shoulders, what he’d done to their daughters. Especially Kelly. Dan had disappeared shortly after Kelly and Paul had announced