A Hunger Like No Other Chapter 1 (Immortals After Dark #2)

A Hunger Like No Other Chapter 1 (Immortals After Dark #2)


Genres: FantasyRomance

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Updated date: 09:03:01 12/08/2022

Description "A Hunger Like No Other Chapter 1 (Immortals After Dark #2)"

For Richard, my real, live Viking. Acknowledgments Many, many thanks to Beth Kendrick, who rightfully dubbed us primal scream buddies. Without you and a telephone, there would be no word count. Thank you to the wonderful Sally Fairchild for all her much appreciated continued support. And my heartfelt thanks to Pocket Books own Megan McKeever, who is, at this very moment, most likely plucking me out of some book-related crisis. Prologue Sometimes the fire that licks the skin from his bones dies down. It is his fire. In a recess of his mind still capable of rational thought, he believes this. His fire because he's fed it for centuries with his destroyed body and decaying mind. Long ago - and who knows how much time has toiled past - the Vampire Horde trapped him in these catacombs deep beneath Paris. He stands chained against a rock, pinned at two places on each limb and once around his neck. Before him - an opening into hell that spews fire. Here he waits and suffers, offered to a column of fire that may weaken but is never-ending - never-ending, just like his life. His existence is to burn to death repeatedly, only to have his dogged immortality revive him again. Detailed fantasies of retribution have gotten him this far; nursing the rage in his heart is all he has. Until her. Over the centuries, he has sometimes heard uncanny new