A Plague of Zombies (Lord John Grey #3.5)

A Plague of Zombies (Lord John Grey #3.5)


Genres: FantasyHistorical

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Updated date: 20:51:37 12/08/2022

Description "A Plague of Zombies (Lord John Grey #3.5)"

Spanish Town, Jamaica June 1761 There was a snake on the drawing-room table. A small snake, but still. Lord John Grey wondered whether to say anything about it. The governor, appearing quite oblivious of the coiled reptile’s presence, picked up a cut-crystal decanter that stood not six inches from the snake. Perhaps it was a pet, or perhaps the residents of Jamaica were accustomed to keeping a tame snake in residence, to kill rats. Judging from the number of rats Grey had seen since leaving the ship, this was sensible—though this particular snake didn’t appear large enough to take on even your average mouse. The wine was decent, but served at body heat, and it seemed to pass directly through Grey’s gullet and into his blood. He’d had nothing to eat since before dawn and felt the muscles of his lower back begin to tingle and relax. He put the glass down; he wanted a clear head. ‘I cannot tell you, sir, how happy I am to receive you,’ said the governor, putting down his own glass, empty. ‘The position is acute.’ ‘So you said in your letter to Lord North. The situation has not changed appreciably since then?’ It had been nearly three months since that letter was written; a lot could change in three months. He thought Governor Warren shuddered, despite the temperature in the