A SEAL in Wolfs Clothing (Heart of the Wolf #9)

A SEAL in Wolfs Clothing (Heart of the Wolf #9)


Genres: FantasyRomance

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Updated date: 01:08:08 10/08/2022

Description "A SEAL in Wolfs Clothing (Heart of the Wolf #9)"

Chapter 1 Of all the damn times for his SEAL team leader, Hunter Greymere, to take a mate and fly off on a honeymoon to Hawaii, why did he have to do so now? The problem wasn’t only with the assassin, should he arrive here and target Hunter’s sister, Meara, since Hunter was gone, but also with the fact that Meara was on the prowl for a mate. Finn Emerson had discovered that when he read the advertisement for cabin rentals that was lying on the white marble breakfast bar in Meara’s cabin. He would have been wryly amused if the situation wasn’t creating even more difficulties for him. Glancing down at the counter, he reread the advertisement. Cabin rentals with single occupancy located on Oregon coast. Great for rugged adventurers looking for a wilderness escape. No nearby shopping, theaters, or restaurants. Strictly a roughing-it getaway. For a special fee, management will provide a select menu. Cabin availability limited, so sign up now. Meara Greymere, Owner and Manager As he considered each point in the advertisement, Finn shook his head and slipped a bug into Meara’s phone. Single occupancy? After searching the five unoccupied cabins, Finn had found that each had two bedrooms and a living area furnished with a fold-down couch for additional guests. Rugged adventurers? From what Hunter had told