A Stab in the Dark (Matthew Scudder #4)

A Stab in the Dark (Matthew Scudder #4)


Genres: MysteryThriller

Status: Full

Updated date: 03:20:41 12/08/2022

Description "A Stab in the Dark (Matthew Scudder #4)"

Chapter 1 I didn't see him coming. I was in Armstrong's at my usual table in the rear. The lunch crowd had thinned out and the noise level had dropped. There was classical music on the radio and you could hear it now without straining. It was a gray day out, a mean wind blowing, the air holding a promise of rain. A good day to be stuck in a Ninth Avenue saloon, drinking bourbon-spiked coffee and reading the Post's story about some madman slashing passersby on First Avenue. "Mr. Scudder?" Sixty or thereabouts. High forehead, rimless eye-glasses over pale blue eyes. Graying blond hair combed to lie flat on the scalp. Say five-nine or -ten. Say a hundred seventy pounds. Light complexion. Cleanshaven. Narrow nose. Small thin-lipped mouth. Gray suit, white shirt, tie striped in red and black and gold. Briefcase in one hand, umbrella in the other. "May I sit down?" I nodded at the chair opposite mine. He took it, drew a wallet from his breast pocket and handed me a card. His hands were small and he was wearing a Masonic ring. I glanced at the card, handed it back. "Sorry," I said. "But-" "I don't want any insurance," I said. "And you wouldn't want to sell me any. I'm a bad risk." He made a sound