A Virgin River Christmas (Virgin River #4)

A Virgin River Christmas (Virgin River #4)


Genres: Romance

Status: Full

Updated date: 16:56:27 11/08/2022

Description "A Virgin River Christmas (Virgin River #4)"

Prologue Marcie stood beside her lime-green Volkswagen, shivering in the November chill, the morning sun barely over the horizon. She was packed and ready, as excited as she was scared about this undertaking. In the backseat she had a small cooler with snacks and sodas. There was a case of bottled water in the trunk and a thermos of coffee on the passenger seat. She’d brought a sleeping bag just in case the motel bedding wasn’t to her standards; the clothes she’d packed in her duffel were mostly jeans, sweatshirts, heavy socks and boots, all appropriate for tramping around small mountain towns. She was itching to hit the road, but her younger brother, Drew, and her older sister, Erin, were stretching out the goodbyes. “You have the phone cards I gave you? In case you don’t have good cell reception?” Erin asked. “Got ’em.” “Sure you have enough money?” “I’ll be fine.” “Thanksgiving is in less than two weeks.” “It shouldn’t take that long,” Marcie said, because if she said anything else, there would be yet another showdown. “I figure I’m going to find Ian pretty quick. I think I have his location narrowed down.” “Rethink this, Marcie,” Erin said, giving it one last try. “I know some of the best private detectives in the business—the law firm employs them all the time. We