Ashes (The Kindred #2)

Ashes (The Kindred #2)


Genres: FantasyRomance

Status: Full

Updated date: 08:54:23 12/08/2022

Description "Ashes (The Kindred #2)"

CHAPTER 1 “Help! I need help here!” Devon slammed through the hospital doors, shoving aside anyone in his way as he frantically searched for someone in the identifying white coat. Panic hammered through him as he nearly barreled over a man on crutches. Cassie’s head rested limply against his chest, her breathing had become shallow; the soft beat of her heart had slowed to alarming conditions. “Now!” he bellowed when no lab coats appeared. “I need help now!” A young man, in the much sought after white coat, appeared through another set of doors, his eyes widened as he took them both in. “What happened?” the doctor demanded, rushing forward. “An animal,” Devon lied smoothly. “Some kind of animal attacked her.” The doctor’s eyes narrowed sharply upon Cassie’s prone form. “We need a gurney over here!” the doctor commanded sharply. Devon clung tighter to Cassie, his hand digging into the golden silk of her hair as nurses and orderlies bustled about. The doctor and a nurse came at him, holding their arms out to take her from him. Possessiveness tore through him; he clung tighter to her, anger surging inexplicably forth as they tried to take her away. Though he did not understand it, he did not want to let go of her, and he did not want anyone else to touch her. “Give