Assassin: Fall of the Golden Valefar (Demon Kissed #6)

Assassin: Fall of the Golden Valefar (Demon Kissed #6)


Genres: FantasyYoung Adult

Status: Full

Updated date: 12:14:22 11/08/2022

Description "Assassin: Fall of the Golden Valefar (Demon Kissed #6)"

FORWARD A lot of thought and deliberation went into the book that you’re holding in your hands. I originally intended to make this another entry point into the Demon Kissed Saga, so that even if a reader hadn’t yet read books one through five, they’d still be able to enjoy Assassin. That’s a trickier proposition than you’d think. First, I wanted to make sure that my loyal fans that have been along for the ride since the beginning wouldn’t be bored as I welcomed new readers. Second, a lot has been established in books one through five. While the world of Ivy, Eric, and Collin may have started out similar to the one we all know, much has changed—and that’s a lot to incorporate into a new book while still moving the story forward. So, those who have read my last book, The 13th Prophecy, will undoubtedly enjoy seeing how the world has changed in the years that have passed since the gates of Hell were broken open and Ivy ascended to her throne. My new readers, I’d invite to enjoy the story from its beginning. While you’ll find your footing soon enough as you begin to read, you’ll find it a much richer experience once you have the backstory. In Assassin: Fall of the Golden Valefar, we shift to seeing things from Eric’s perspective—and Eric is still completely insane. It makes for a while ride. He exists as