Autumn: The Human Condition Chapter One (Autumn #6)

Autumn: The Human Condition Chapter One (Autumn #6)


Genres: Science FictionHorror

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Updated date: 08:27:33 11/08/2022

Description "Autumn: The Human Condition Chapter One (Autumn #6)"

BEFORE JAKE HUMPHRIES Eight months ago Jake Humphries and his family immigrated to Canada from the United Kingdom. A regional manager for a global finance house, Jake agreed to move his family overseas for a well paid two year posting. His wife Lucy and their two children settled quickly into their new surroundings. The people who found it hardest to adjust were those they left behind. Polly Humphries - Jake's well-meaning but highly strung and over-sensitive mother - still finds the distance between her and her son difficult to deal with. Mrs Humphries and her husband made their first visit to Canada several weeks ago. The trip did nothing to reassure the old lady. If anything it has made her more neurotic. Jake has grown to dread the weekly telephone calls from the UK. His mother usually phones on Saturdays. It is now the early hours of Tuesday morning. 'Jake? Jake, is that you?' 'Mum? Bloody hell, Mum, do you know what time it is?' 'Are you okay, son?' 'Apart from being tired because it's gone midnight and I'd only just managed to get to sleep I'm fine. We're all fine. Why shouldn't we be?' 'Haven't you heard?' 'Heard what? Christ, Mum, it's the middle of the bloody night. I haven't heard anything.' 'There's no need for the language, Jake, we were just worried about you, that's all.' 'Why?' 'Are you far from Vancouver ?' 'It's on the