Beauty and the Blacksmith (Spindle Cove #3.5)

Beauty and the Blacksmith (Spindle Cove #3.5)


Genres: Romance

Status: Full

Updated date: 20:30:20 12/08/2022

Description "Beauty and the Blacksmith (Spindle Cove #3.5)"

CHAPTER 1 Goodness. Just look at it. Thick as my ankle. Diana Highwood took her glove and worked it like a fan, chasing the flush from her throat. She was a gentlewoman, born and raised in genteel comfort, if not opulent luxury. From an early age, she’d been marked as the hope of the family. Destined, her mother vowed, to catch a nobleman’s eye. But here, in the smithy with Aaron Dawes, all her delicate breeding disintegrated. How could she help staring? The man had wrists as thick as her ankle. As always, he wore his sleeves rolled to the elbow, exposing forearms roped with muscle. He pumped the bellows, commanding the flames to dance. Broad shoulders stretched his homespun shirt, and a leather apron hung low on his hips. As he removed the glowing bit of metal from the fire and placed it on his anvil, his open collar gaped. Diana averted her gaze—but not fast enough. She caught a moment’s glimpse of pure, superheated virility. Sculpted chest muscles, bronzed skin, dark hair . . . “Behave yourself,” he said. The words startled her breathless. He knows. He knows. He’s realized that refined, perfect, gently bred Miss Highwood comes to the smithy to gawp at his brute manliness. Behave yourself, indeed. She felt ridiculous.