Because of Low Chapter One (Sea Breeze #2)

Because of Low Chapter One (Sea Breeze #2)


Genres: Young AdultRomance

Status: Full

Updated date: 02:06:00 12/08/2022

Description "Because of Low Chapter One (Sea Breeze #2)"

Marcus Moving back home sucked. Everything about this town reminded me of why the hell I'd wanted to get away. I had a life in Tuscaloosa and I needed that life to escape. Here, I was Marcus Hardy. No matter where I went people knew me. They knew my family. And now... they were talking about my family. Which is why I had come home. Leaving my sister and mother here alone to face this was impossible. The scandal hovering over our heads took away all my choices and my freedom. Right now, few people knew but it was only a matter of time. Soon the entire coastal town of Sea Breeze, Alabama would know what my dad was doing or should I say, who my dad was doing. King of the Mercedes car dealerships along the Gulf Coast had been a high enough title for some little gold digging whore only a few years older than me to jump in bed with my dear 'oll dad. The one time I'd seen the home wrecker working behind the desk right outside Dad's office I'd known something wasn't right. She was young and smoking hot and apparently money hungry. Dad couldn't keep it in his pants and now my mom and sister would have to deal with the stigma it would cause. People would feel sorry for Mom. This was already devastating to her and she didn't even know yet that the other woman was barely a