Beyond the Consequences (Consequences #5)

Beyond the Consequences (Consequences #5)


Genres: Romance

Status: Full

Updated date: 16:45:43 12/08/2022

Description "Beyond the Consequences (Consequences #5)"

CLAIRE GENTLY SMOOTHED back Nichol’s fine dark hair, unable to break the connection with her daughter. The little girl was sound asleep with her head upon her mother’s lap as the drone of the engines filled the cabin of their airplane. Claire sighed contentedly, taking in the unusually full cabin. Never could she remember their private plane being occupied by this many people. There was a time when this would never—could never—have happened. However, that was long ago, a distant memory. Now things were different, and their family and friends were together. Though the trip back to Iowa from their South Pacific island was not complete, they’d been flying for what seemed like days. Sometime during the still of night, with Claire’s patience and soothing, Nichol lost her valiant fight against sleep. Succumbing to the heavy lids, Nichol’s dark brown eyes—those that matched her father’s—disappeared behind thick lashes. Claire glanced toward her husband, seeing that his eyes too were uncharacteristically closed, and his chin bobbed near his chest. After all the turmoil that the Rawlings family had endured over the last few years, the serenity of the plane ride nearly brought Claire to tears. Tony, Claire, and Nichol were sharing the flight home with their only family: Claire’s sister, Emily, brother-in-law, John, and nephew, Michael. Michael’s little body laid contentedly near Nichol’s, their heads resting at each end of the long sofa-like seat, on each of their mother’s laps. During their battle