Big Red Tequila (Tres Navarre #1)

Big Red Tequila (Tres Navarre #1)


Genres: Mystery

Status: Full

Updated date: 07:02:24 11/08/2022

Description "Big Red Tequila (Tres Navarre #1)"

1 "Who?" said the man occupying my new apartment. "Tres Navarre," I said. I pressed the lease agreement against the screen door again so he could see. It was about a hundred degrees on the front porch of the small in-law apartment. The air-conditioning from inside was bleeding through the screen door and evaporating on my face. Somehow that just made it seem hotter. The man inside my apartment glanced at the paper, then squinted at me like I was some bizarre piece of modern art. Through the metal screen he looked even uglier than he probably was—heavyset, about forty, crew cut, features all pinched toward the center of his face. He was bare-chested and wore the kind of thick polyester gym shorts only P.E. coaches wear. Use small words, I thought. "I rented this apartment for July fifteenth. You were supposed to move out by then. It’s July twenty-fourth." No signs of remorse from the coach. He looked back over his shoulder, distracted by a double play on the TV. He looked at me again, now slightly annoyed. “Look, asshole," he said. "I told Gary I needed a few extra weeks. My transfer hasn’t come through yet, okay? Maybe August you can have it." We stared at each other. In the pecan tree next to the steps a few thousand cicadas decided to