Black Halo (Aeons' Gate #2)

Black Halo (Aeons' Gate #2)


Genres: Fantasy

Status: Full

Updated date: 15:04:39 11/08/2022

Description "Black Halo (Aeons' Gate #2)"

Prologue The Aeons’ Gate The Sea of Buradan … somewhere … Summer, getting later all the time What’s truly wrong with the world is that it seems so dauntingly complex at a glance and so despairingly simple upon close examination. Forget what elders, kings and politicians say otherwise, this is the one truth of life. Any endeavour so noble and gracious, any scheme so cruel and remorseless, can be boiled down like cheap stew. Good intentions and ambitions rise to the surface in thick, sloppy chunks and leave behind only the base instincts at the bottom of the pot. Granted, I’m not sure what philosophical aspect represents the broth, but this metaphor only came to me just now. That’s beside the point. For the moment, I’m dubbing this ‘Lenk’s Greater Imbecile Theory’. I offer up myself as an example. I began by taking orders without question from a priest; a priest of Talanas, the Healer, no less. If that weren’t impressive enough, he, one Miron Evenhands, also served as Lord Emissary for the church itself. He signed the services of myself and my companions to help him find a relic, one Aeons’ Gate, to communicate with the very heavens. It seemed simple enough, if a bit mad, right up until the demons attacked. From there, the services became a bit more … complicated should