Blood Redemption (Blood Destiny #9)

Blood Redemption (Blood Destiny #9)


Genres: Fantasy

Status: Full

Updated date: 09:58:22 11/08/2022

Description "Blood Redemption (Blood Destiny #9)"

Chapter 1 "Where are you going?" Rabis blinked at the one who stood before him. "I have to go fishing," the taller one replied. "Somebody has to reel her in." He disappeared in a brief flash of light. * * * There is a difference between Looking for information and Looking into the future. Connegar and I had a talk, once, about Looking into the future. "It is never wise to Look too far into the future," he'd cautioned. "And it is particularly unwise to Look into one's own future, or that of those closest to us, lest we see what will come and precipitate its arrival when we seek to avoid it." True words. Griffin had succumbed to that siren's call, who knows how many times. "Your father lacks faith," Belen said to me, shortly after I'd come back to myself on Kifirin and found my way back to Earth. Three hundred years had passed since Griffin had taken me away, and I'd found myself on a planet I barely recognized. I hadn't really considered Belen's words—not until now. Belen was right, though; Griffin could only feel assured of an outcome if he pulled the strings himself. He couldn't conceive that things might turn out right at the end if he wasn't involved in some way. And the fact that Belen had blinded Griffin to Wyatt's future meant one thing to me—that