Bloodmagic (Blood Destiny #2)

Bloodmagic (Blood Destiny #2)


Genres: MysteryFantasy

Status: Full

Updated date: 03:02:48 10/08/2022

Description "Bloodmagic (Blood Destiny #2)"

Chapter One I sensed it was about to happen before I felt it. The entrance to the little cellar was small and cramped and there was no other way to manoeuvre out the next barrel without awkwardly bending over and yanking it out on its rim. I snapped my hand round my back to catch the offending fingers that seemed to think that pinching my backside was acceptable, but instead just succeeded in letting go of the beer keg and letting it drop heavily onto my protesting foot. Shrieking suddenly in pain, I sprang backwards, colliding with my would-be attacker. He let out an exhaled ooph and staggered backwards whilst I spun around on one foot, trying to ignore the sharp throbbing hurt in my other one. I grabbed hold of his grubby shirt collar and shoved him against the wall. It was Derek, one of the regulars. “What the fuck are you playing at?” I leaned closer to him and snatched his fingers with my right hand, squeezing them hard, and keeping hold of his shirt with my left. He breathed out again, a cloudy breath of stale beer covering my face. I moved my face to the side in disgust and tightened my grip further. “Jaysus, sweetheart, you need to chill out,” he gasped. The heat inside me rose. Taking liberties with roving hands was one