Born to Bite Chapter One (Argeneau #13)

Born to Bite Chapter One (Argeneau #13)


Genres: FantasyRomance

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Updated date: 03:26:58 10/08/2022

Description "Born to Bite Chapter One (Argeneau #13)"

"You're late." Lucian's growled greeting made Armand Argeneau grimace as he slid onto the bench seat opposite him in the diner's only occupied booth. A "Hello, how are you?" would have been nice, but it also wasn't something he'd expect from the older immortal. Lucian wasn't known for being warm and fuzzy. "I had some things to do at the farm before I could leave," Armand said calmly, glancing over the man's roast beef dinner with disinterest before gazing around the quiet diner. It was after nine, almost closing time, and they were the only customers. He didn't even see a waitress in evidence and supposed she was in the back helping with cleanup. "Yes, of course," Lucian murmured, setting down his fork to pick up a warm, crusty dinner roll dripping with butter. "We can't expect that wheat of yours to grow all by itself, can we?" Armand scowled irritably as he watched him bite into the roll with relish. "A little respect for a farmer who grows the food you're eating wouldn't go amiss...especially since you appear to be enjoying it so much." "I am," Lucian acknowledged with a grin, and then arched an eyebrow. "Jealous?" Armand merely shook his head and turned his gaze out the window, but he was jealous. Lucian's eating was a result of finding his life mate. It had reawakened old appetites both of them had