Chosen (The Vampire Legends #4)

Chosen (The Vampire Legends #4)


Genres: FantasyYoung Adult

Status: Full

Updated date: 02:35:49 10/08/2022

Description "Chosen (The Vampire Legends #4)"

Chapter 1 Rachel looked down at her green, scaly mermaid tail and her long, flowing red hair, and for a second, she couldn’t help but wonder why she looked like a mermaid. Holding her hand as she swam under the sea was Benji. She looked down at his legs, which were no longer legs, but a green, scaly tail as well, and the water flowing through his beautiful mane of hair made it look irresistible as he gazed into her eyes. The warm water reminded her of the tropics. She could feel the sun beating down on her through the crystal blue water as she gazed back into Benji’s eyes. He leaned in and kissed her, passionately, as if it were their first kiss. She felt tingley through her tail and hands and she could feel the little hairs on her arms stand up. As they kissed, Rachel could feel something being slipped into her hands. It was cold and metal with sharp edges. She looked down to see Benji had handed her a shiny, gold key. She looked at him, confused. “What’s this?” “It’s the Gold Key, let’s use it,” Benji said. “Where? How?” Rachel asked, looking around the sea floor as if a treasure chest would magically appear. “C’mon, Rach, you’ve done this before, don’t you remember?”