City Of The Dead PROLOGUE (Resident Evil #3)

City Of The Dead PROLOGUE (Resident Evil #3)


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Description "City Of The Dead PROLOGUE (Resident Evil #3)"

Raccoon Times, August 26, 1998 MAYOR ANNOUNCES 'KEEP CITY SAFE' PLAN RACCOON CITY -On the front steps of City Hall, Mayor Harris announced in a press conference yesterday afternoon that the City Council will be hiring at least ten new police officers to join the Raccoon police, in response to the continued suspension of the Special Tactics and Rescue Squad (S.T.A.R.S.), in effect since the brutal murders that plagued Raccoon earlier this summer. Joined by Police Chief Brian Irons and all of Raccoon's Council members, Harris assured the gathered citizens and reporters that Raccoon City will once again be a safe community in which to live and work, and that the investigation into the eleven "cannibal" murders and three fatal wild-animal attacks is far from closed. "Just because no one else has been attacked in the last month doesn't mean that the elected officials of this city can relax," Harris stated. "The good people of Raccoon deserve to have confidence in their police force and to be secure in the knowledge that their political representatives are doing everything possible to ensure each citizen's safety. As many of you know, the S.T.A.R.S.'s suspension is likely to become permanent. That unit's gross mishandling of the murder investigations and its subsequent disappearance from Raccoon City suggests that they don't care about this community - but I want to assure you that we care, that myself, Chief Irons, and the men