Cloud City Chapter One (Anna Strong Chronicles #9)

Cloud City Chapter One (Anna Strong Chronicles #9)


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Updated date: 01:22:12 10/08/2022

Description "Cloud City Chapter One (Anna Strong Chronicles #9)"

Witches come in two flavors: good and bad. A while ago, I would have pegged the witch sitting across from me squarely in the good category. But that was before I killed her sister, the black witch Belinda Burke. Sophie Deveraux hasn't said two words since appearing unexpectedly at my office door. It happens I'm alone since my bounty hunting business partners, David and Tracey, are in Arizona tracking a skip. I elected to stay behind and handle office duties. The last few months I've had more than my share of excitement. My name is Anna Strong. I'm a vampire. Not just any vampire, but the Chosen One. Which means besides the usual problems vampires face, finding safe food sources, hiding my identity from my human family, avoiding the pitfalls that would "out" me to an unsuspecting mortal world, I have other uber-vamps to contend with. Not all of whom wish me well. But that's another story. Right now, I'm alone with a witch whose intentions I can't read. Sophie looks twenty-something. Her perfect face is framed by shoulder-length dark hair. Her skin stretches smooth over high cheekbones, her thick-lashed eyes are clear and blue as a summer sky. Her mouth is pursed a little, an indication that she's not overjoyed at being here. She's dressed in tailored slacks and a form fitting jersey top that emphasizes her full figure. I have a