Convicted (Consequences #3)

Convicted (Consequences #3)


Genres: Romance

Status: Full

Updated date: 16:35:07 12/08/2022

Description "Convicted (Consequences #3)"

The woman stood silently, concealed within the shadows of the tall trees. With the Iowa wind rustling leaves above her head, she watched in fascination as children ran around the well-kept playground. Although many youngsters vied for position on the ladders and ramps, her attention centered on the beautiful, dark-haired little girl and blonde headed little boy playing in the sandbox. She’d seen the children on numerous occasions—always from a distance. She knew the little girl was almost two and a half years old and the little boy was almost two years old. Steeling her shoulders, she decided today was the day she’d finally voice her appeal—face the barrier to her goal—and make her request known. The children wouldn’t know who she was or why she was there. There was no doubt, the woman with the eagle eyes of a mother and aunt—the woman watching the children’s every move, wouldn’t only know her—she wouldn’t hesitate to send her away or call the authorities. Inhaling deeply, New York Times bestselling author, Meredith Banks, stepped from the shadows into the sunlight. As the proximity of her goal increased, so did her anxiety. This wouldn’t be easy. Emily Vandersol had made it crystal clear that she didn’t want the children exposed to the media circus. That circus had already exposed too many family secrets—secrets which, for their sake, would’ve been better left hidden. As Meredith neared the park bench, Emily’s ever present