Creed (Unfinished Hero #2)

Creed (Unfinished Hero #2)


Genres: Romance

Status: Full

Updated date: 13:54:39 12/08/2022

Description "Creed (Unfinished Hero #2)"

Chapter One Black Expedition I drove fast because she sounded tweaked. Tweaked in her business was not good. Tweaked in my business was not good either. It was worse. She wasn’t calling Knight. This meant bad things because it meant bad things were happening. Not bad, bad. If Knight knew something bad was going down, he’d lose his mind which meant someone might lose the use of an appendage. She knew, if I hit the scene, I’d have a mind to carpet stains. Shit. I screeched to a halt on the road outside her house in my blue 1968 Corvette Stingray then reversed, parallel parking expertly between two cars. In a second, I was out, hand to the gun under my leather jacket shoved in the holster attached to my belt at the small of my back. I shoved my keys in my pocket and approached the front door of her tiny house, my eyes peeled and scanning. No noises, no sound. It was late, after three in the morning. Her neighborhood was quiet. It was a nice neighborhood, not flashy, not family. Just a neighborhood if a bit rundown. I hadn’t run Serena’s check. Another of Knight’s team did it. I didn’t know much about her, though I’d taken her to a few of her early appointments and stuck around until they were over. This was a service Knight provided to his new girls. Strike that,