Curran, Vol. I (Curran POV #1)

Curran, Vol. I (Curran POV #1)


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Description "Curran, Vol. I (Curran POV #1)"

MAGIC BITES I was in Unicorn Lane at night. A bad time to be in a bad place. Anything can happen there, but it's never something good. No one was in charge of Unicorn Lane. None of Atlanta's many supernatural factions could claim dominion over it. It was populated by those once human and those who had never been, and they hid in the dark ruins, feeding on each other and making visitors unwelcome. Thus the Unicorn Lane is recognized by all as neutral territory, a no-man's land you entered at your own risk. The scared hovered at the edge the stupid died not far from it. I was here to meet someone, and if she made it far enough to find me, I would know she was neither. I leaned back, feeling the cold stone of the abandoned building with my spine. Moonlight seeped through the holes in the roof, illuminating a gap in the wall. She would come through there. The night shadows hid me, so I'd have plenty of time to look her over. The Unicorn lay quiet. The night is never truly silent, but right now the monsters minded their manners. None of them knew why I was here, but all of them recognized they didn't want to be the reason for my visit. What I did know of the merc came from Jim, my chief of