Dark Need (Darkyn #3)

Dark Need (Darkyn #3)


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Description "Dark Need (Darkyn #3)"

Chapter 1 Men did not dump Lena Caprell. She dumped them. That was how it went. That was how it always went. Yet here she was, walking out of her lover's ridiculous club and into the night, no limo waiting, no private room and dinner at Baleen in the Grove, no elevator ride to the penthouse suite that she had already started redecorating in her head. No long hours of flickering candles or dark wine or orgasms she didn't have to fake. What had he said? You're good, darling, but I'm not. It's time we saw other people. No, no, no. This was not how it was supposed to work. Not after only three dates. She was too good for this. She'd let him cool off for two weeks after he'd told her it was over, but enough was enough. Today she'd gotten serious. Three hundred at Galleria for the new dress, then two hundred at the stylist's for hair and nails and a Brazilian wax. Esme had squeezed her in, too, so an extra fifty for the tip. Almost six hundred dollars. She'd never spent so much for a man, not even that commercial director who'd gotten her a reading for the Polio Tropical people. She thought it had been worth it. By the time she'd given herself a finishing spritz of Glow before leaving the condo, every inch