Dead Angels Chapter One (Kiera Hudson Series Two #2)

Dead Angels Chapter One (Kiera Hudson Series Two #2)


Genres: MysteryFantasy

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Updated date: 12:41:14 11/08/2022

Description "Dead Angels Chapter One (Kiera Hudson Series Two #2)"

Kiera"What did he do to me?" I shouted at Potter."He killed you!" Potter said back, coming towards me from the other side of the table.The windows in the consulting room rattled in their frames, as a steady wind blew hard outside."I know he killed me!" I snapped as he gripped my upper arms. I wasn't mad at Potter, I was mad at the thought of not knowing what Jack Seth had done to me before he had killed me. So many times I had looked into the killer's eyes and seen myself with him. I had watched as he had hurt me, paralysed me through fear or lust, so I couldn't fight him off."He's full of shit," Potter tried to calm me."Whatever he did to me, Seth said that I loved every moment of it," I reminded him, and the nightmarish images of Seth and me together that raced across my mind made me feel sick and violated.Potter looked at Isidor and Kayla, who still sat around the table watching us, and hooked his thumb toward the door.Knowing what he meant, Kayla pushed her chair back, stood up, and said, "I'm gonna go check on Sam." Then, fixing Isidor with a hard stare, she added, "Isidor, let's go and see if Sam is feeling any better.""Okay, sure," Isidor said, and both of them left the room.Once on our own, Potter looked into my eyes and said, "Don't let Seth put you in a mind-fuck. That's what he wants.""But he said