Dead Wolf (Kiera Hudson Series Two #5)

Dead Wolf (Kiera Hudson Series Two #5)


Genres: Fantasy

Status: Full

Updated date: 12:36:16 11/08/2022

Description "Dead Wolf (Kiera Hudson Series Two #5)"

Chapter One Kiera It wasn’t true! I refused to believe that Jack Seth was my brother. How could I be related to him in any way shape or form? I knew who my mother was. She was the police officer who went to the Ragged Cove to investigate the disappearances of those people who had once lived there. She had that kind smile, pretty eyes, and just like me, she had jet-black hair. She had been the one who had whispered in my ear, ‘See you later, alligator’ as I had set off for school each day as a girl. My mother had been hooked on the red stuff by Phillips and Rom – she had in turn been seduced and betrayed by Luke – Elias Munn. Jessica Hudson had been a Vampyrus – not a wolf. She had been my mother and I refused to believe anything different. “You lie!” I hissed into Jack’s face. The windows rattled in their wooden frames, like old teeth in loose gums. Jack looked back at me, a cruel smile pulling the corners of his mouth up into the shape of a crescent moon. “You know I speak the truth,” he said, fixing me with his crazy stare. I slapped his face with the flat of my hand, the sound of it like a gunshot in the dim light of the room. Jack’s head rocked to