Demons Quest (High Demon #4)

Demons Quest (High Demon #4)


Genres: FantasyScience Fiction

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Updated date: 09:43:35 11/08/2022

Description "Demons Quest (High Demon #4)"

Chapter 1 "Is that what they do?" Wyatt was gripping his grandfather's arm so hard it probably would leave a bruise on the King of Karathia. "The Larentii Wise Ones Change What Was—when the time is right," Lissa explained. They couldn't really see anything—Kifirin had relinquished Reah's body the moment the five Larentii and their Protectors appeared. All of them pulled the pertinent people out of the ballroom of the San Gerxon Casino. Inside a private banquet room, the Larentii Wise Ones, surrounded by their Protectors, were working with their energy over Reah's Thifilatha. "But how will she be if they bring her back?" Wylend worried. "The same. Anyway, that's what I hear." "Mom?" Gavril's voice floated from behind, filled with worry. "Son, go back out there, you need to calm your guests and let them know it's over," Gavin took his son's arm. For a moment, it seemed as if Gavril were seventeen again, instead of nearly seventy. Gavin walked out with Gavril, while Farzi, Nenzi and six other reptanoids came rushing in. "How our Reah?" Nenzi was nearly in tears. "The Larentii are doing what they can," Lissa tried to reassure him. "I felt her die." Aurelius arrived as quickly as he could—someone had taken over for him on an assignment. "Aurelius, the