Demons Revenge (High Demon #5)

Demons Revenge (High Demon #5)


Genres: FantasyScience Fiction

Status: Full

Updated date: 09:42:19 11/08/2022

Description "Demons Revenge (High Demon #5)"

Chapter 1 06:22:5376--RA Tory: Today your twin daughters were born and they are beautiful. I was hoping you'd come to see them when they were new and innocent. Your father says you are busy and can't come. I am trying to understand that. King Jayd has already prepared a list of suitable mates, but Glinda and I have both demanded final approval. I have also asked your mother, Queen Lissa, to write to you as well, so you will likely receive correspondence from her. Vid-images enclosed. Hope you are well—Reah. 01:15:5377--RA Tory: I was hoping to have heard from you by now. Your father, Gardevik, along with your uncle, King Jayd, and your aunt, Queen Glinda, are planning a trip to Surnath in two weeks. They have asked to take the girls with them. I have given permission. I hope you greet your daughters with the love and respecbott they deserve—Reah. 07:07:5378--RA Torevik: Today your second set of twin daughters were born. Lissa says she explained to you that Kifirin manipulated this pregnancy, taking your seed and fertilizing my egg while we both slept. Kifirin knows I am angry that he interfered in this way, but he has been curiously absent since then. Most likely not wishing to hear my thoughts on the matter. I was also hoping to hear from