Devil of the Highlands Chapter One (Devil of the Highlands #1)

Devil of the Highlands Chapter One (Devil of the Highlands #1)


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Updated date: 22:34:59 09/08/2022

Description "Devil of the Highlands Chapter One (Devil of the Highlands #1)"

Northern England 1273 "My lady!" That anxious cry made Evelinde pause in what she was saying to Cook and glance around. Her maid was rushing across the kitchens toward her, expression both angry and worried. It was a combination usually only engendered by Edda's actions. Wondering what her stepmother had got up to now, Evelinde quickly promised Cook they would finish their discussion of menus later, and went to meet her maid. Mildrede caught her hands the moment they reached each other. Her mouth turned down grimly as she announced, "Your stepmother is calling for you." Evelinde grimaced. Edda only sent for her when she was in one of her foul moods and wished to cheer herself by abusing her unfortunate stepdaughter. For one moment, Evelinde considered ignoring the summons and finding a task away from the keep for the rest of the day. However, that would only make the woman's mood—and the subsequent abuses—worse. "I had best go see what she wants then," Evelinde said and squeezed Mildrede's hands reassuringly before moving past her. "She's smiling," Mildrede warned, following on her heels. Evelinde paused with her hand on the door to the great hall, trepidation running through her. A smiling Edda was not a good thing. It usually meant Evelinde was about to suffer. Not that the woman ever dared hit her, but