Dog Blood ACKNOWLEDGMENTS (Hater #2)

Dog Blood ACKNOWLEDGMENTS (Hater #2)


Genres: Horror

Status: Full

Updated date: 08:30:16 11/08/2022

Description "Dog Blood ACKNOWLEDGMENTS (Hater #2)"

I'd like to thank a number of people for their help and support. First, and perhaps most obviously, to John Schoenfelder at Thomas Dunne Books in New York and Jo Fletcher at Gollancz in London; thank you both for your tireless enthusiasm, observations, recommendations, guidance, and suggestions. To my family and friends, thank you for your patience, tolerance, and unwavering belief and support over the last few years as I've negotiated this particularly crazy section of my haphazard and largely improvised "career path." Particular thanks to my long-suffering wife, Lisa, who never questions why she regularly catches me researching subjects as diverse and unsavory as genocide, germ warfare, secret underground bunkers, torture techniques, and countless other topics! Finally, and most important, to those of you who've read and enjoyed my previous books, thank you for coming back for more! Particular thanks to those readers who've been with me since the very early days of giving away thousands of free downloads of Autumn and all my subsequent adventures with "Infected Books." Some of you read Hater when it was self-published in the summer of 2006, and you've been waiting since then for this sequel to arrive. It's finally here and I hope you enjoy it. I promise, you won't have to wait anywhere nearly as long for the conclusion to the trilogy! To everyone I've listed above and to anyone else I should have mentioned but didn't, thank you. i THE CAUSE OF THE