Dragon Blood Chapter 1 (Hurog #2)

Dragon Blood Chapter 1 (Hurog #2)


Genres: FantasyScience Fiction

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Updated date: 23:39:29 09/08/2022

Description "Dragon Blood Chapter 1 (Hurog #2)"

1 - TISALA IN ESTIAN It takes many years of hard work and dedication to produce a competent torturer. Young men just don't want to take the time to learn the craft. -  Lioth of Edelbreck, Royal Torturer "It's just like skinning a rabbit," the old man said to his grandson. There was strength in his grip that belied the age on his face as his sharp knife removed another sliver of flesh from Tisala's finger. "I've never skinned a rabbit alive." The boy looked ill, like a newly blooded recruit, thought Tisala. The old man lost all patience with him. "Don't be an idiot. Now watch." The next move of the knife forced Tisala's attention back to her body. Eventually she would tell the old man what he wanted to know, but if she could wait long enough, they could trust none of what she said. But she'd only been there something under two days and already her body ached and her mind flinched away from what had been done to her. "What do you know about Alizon's rabble, little girl? Tell me and I can quit hurting you," he crooned as his knife worked its magic. "I don't like hurting little girls, but you are hiding something our king needs to know. A brother shouldn't try to hurt his own kin. What Alizon is doing is wrong and you know it. All you need to do is tell me who's helping