Dreamveil (Kyndred #2)

Dreamveil (Kyndred #2)


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Description "Dreamveil (Kyndred #2)"

PART ONE Chez Soi OCFS-7065A (10/1998) NEW YORK STATE OFFICE OF CHILDREN AND FAMILY SERVICES AGENCY REPORTING FORM FOR ABANDONMENT OF UNIDENTIFIED CHILDREN/ TRANSFER TO PROTECTIVE CARE Case type: Protective Was SCR called? No Was an SCR report registered? No MPR? None—unknown Date of Abandonment: September 29, 1998 CIN#: To be assigned Date of Birth: Unknown; estimated 1987-1988 Sex: Female Race: Caucasian Name of Child: Unknown (temporarily designated YJF) Agency or individual having legal custody: Unknown Address: YJF picked up by police at undisclosed location on Lower East Side List any witnesses: None Physical description: Height 4’8”, weight 51 pounds; cropped dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, pale skin. Distinguishing marks: Child has permanent animal tattoos on both inner forearms. Describe the details and circumstance regarding child’s abandonment: Police responded to complaint from local merchant of unsupervised child digging through trash, found and took YJF into custody. YJF transferred to DCS case worker Patterson and transported to hospital for standard medical evaluation (see attached ER assessment and admissions forms). Attending physician reported YJF in fair physical