Duncan (Vampires in America #5)

Duncan (Vampires in America #5)


Genres: FantasyRomance

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Updated date: 07:54:48 11/08/2022

Description "Duncan (Vampires in America #5)"

Chapter One Los Angeles, California Cyn shivered slightly and moved closer to the wave of heat coming from the Learjet’s engines. It made the frigid hangar marginally bearable. She hunched deeper into her coat and peered through the dim light. Raphael was down near the nose of the aircraft, deep in conversation with Juro. She could only make them out because of the multicolored glow of the jet’s cockpit coming through the windshield. Raphael looked up briefly, and his eyes flashed silver. Her heart twisted at the sight. He was so gorgeous. It still took her breath away sometimes. “He worries about you.” Cyn controlled an involuntary jerk of surprise at the sound of Duncan’s voice over her left shoulder. “Duh,” she said, rolling her eyes in his direction. Duncan laughed as she turned towards him. “I will miss you, Cyn, you and Raphael more than anyone else.” “It’s all happening so fast,” she complained softly. Duncan leaned forward. “Not really. We’ve planned this for some time, but it’s been only days that we knew the time was right. And you haven’t been yourself lately—” “What? You thought I’d have a relapse or something if you told me? It’s my body that was injured, Duncan, not my mind. I’m not that fragile.” He was silent for a long time, standing perfectly