Elphames Choice Prologue (Partholon #4)

Elphames Choice Prologue (Partholon #4)


Genres: FantasyRomance

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Updated date: 05:13:39 12/08/2022

Description "Elphames Choice Prologue (Partholon #4)"

That day had started with deceptive normalcy. The dawn offering to Epona had been particularly moving. The Goddess had filled Etain so completely that afterward she carried the glow of Her presence throughout the morning, and for once she was allowed some time alone - temporarily freed from the duties of Goddess Incarnate. The contractions began as a vague sense of unease. She couldn't find a comfortable place on her well-cushioned chaise longue. She snapped with uncharacteristic impatience at the enthusiastic servant who checked to make sure her mistress didn't need a refill of hot water. Not even the thought of a long soak in the mineral springs bathing pool seemed appealing. Etain hoped a stroll through her magnificent flower garden would ease what she thought was just a little difficulty digesting the strawberries from lunch. The walk appeared to be helping - until she paused to sniff a brilliant crimson blossom and her water broke violently all over the Goddess Incarnate's silk-lined slippers. Normalcy had also been broken. "Isn't that always the way of it?" She grimaced and clenched her teeth as another wave of pain blanketed her body. Bending at the waist she leaned heavily against the woman whose arm was linked through her own. "Sssh, Etain." Fiona spoke soothingly in her light, melodic brogue. "Donna speak, my friend. Just concentrate on your breathing." Etain jerked her head in a sharp imitation of nodding agreement and tried to match