Embrace the Night (Cassandra Palmer #3)

Embrace the Night (Cassandra Palmer #3)


Genres: Fantasy

Status: Full

Updated date: 13:17:02 11/08/2022

Description "Embrace the Night (Cassandra Palmer #3)"

Chapter 1 A weeping angel shattered in a crack of gray dust, sending its wings flying off in two directions. It took a second for me to realize I wasn’t dead, and then I dove for the side of a nearby obelisk. I pressed flat against the ground, feeling the mud seeping into my already drenched clothes, while a barrage of shots struck sparks off the granite overhead. I was starting to suspect that this tomb raider thing might not be as much fun as I’d hoped. Of course, that was pretty much the story of my life lately. A chain of events that might very charitably be classified as disasters had left me with the position of Pythia, the supernatural community’s chief seer. The Silver Circle, a group of light magic users, had expected one of their tame acolytes to inherit the office since it had happened that way for a few thousand years now. They’d been less than thrilled when the power went to me instead: Cassie Palmer, untrained clairvoyant, protégée of a vampire crime boss and known cohort of a renegade war mage. Some people have no sense of irony. The mages had expressed their displeasure by trying to send me off to explore the great mystery of what lies in store for us after death. Since I wasn’t that curious, I’d been attempting to stay under their radar. It didn’t look like