Entwined (Darkest London #3.5)

Entwined (Darkest London #3.5)


Genres: FantasyRomance

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Updated date: 17:57:12 12/08/2022

Description "Entwined (Darkest London #3.5)"

Chapter One January 1825 “‘Dear Sir, it has come to my attention, by way of a most distressing yet undeniable order, that we are to be married. As I find arranged marriages to be both archaic and tantamount to a glorified stud service—’ ” Eamon broke off with a choked laugh. “ ‘Glorified stud service’? This must be in jest,” he said to his brother. Aidan was less amused. His mouth flattened into a grimace. “I fear it is not.” Still gaping, Eamon turned the letter over to read the address once more. It had come in the morning’s post, addressed to Aidan. And Aidan had brought it directly to him with the usual order to “read it.” The sender was Lady Luella Jane Moran, the name written in childish and rather florid script. Luella? She sounded like a nightmare. “You are really to be married to this girl?” Eamon asked. “How old is the chit?” Aidan sighed and ran a hand through his yellow curls. “Sixteen. And yes. Father told me a fortnight ago.” He scowled and paced over to the fire. At nineteen, Aidan was still shorter than Eamon, who was seventeen, but his body moved with quick assurance whereas Eamon bumbled about, still trying to adjust to his overly large frame. “Apparently, when Father went down to London