Fallen (Fallen #1)

Fallen (Fallen #1)


Genres: FantasyYoung Adult

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Updated date: 06:18:39 12/08/2022

Description "Fallen (Fallen #1)"

Chapter One PERFECT STRANGERS Luce barged into the fluorescent-lit lobby of the Sword & Cross School ten minutes later than she should have. A barrel-chested attendant with ruddy cheeks and a clipboard clamped under an iron bicep was already giving orders - which meant Luce was already behind. "So remember, it's meds, beds, and reds," the attendant barked at a cluster of three other students all standing with their backs to Luce. "Remember the basics and no one gets hurt." Luce hurried to slip in behind the group. She was still trying to figure out whether she'd filled out the giant stack of paperwork correctly, whether this shaven-headed guide standing before them was a man or a woman, whether there was anyone to help her with this enormous duffel bag, whether her parents were going to get rid of her beloved Plymouth Fury the minute they arrived home from dropping her off here. They'd been threatening to sell the car all summer, and now they had a reason even Luce couldn't argue with: No one was allowed to have a car at Luce's new school. Her new reform school, to be precise. She was still getting used to the term. "Could you, uh, could you repeat that?" she asked the attendant, "What was it, meds - ?" "Well, look what the storm blew in," the attendant said