Fates Edge PROLOGUE (The Edge #3)

Fates Edge PROLOGUE (The Edge #3)


Genres: FantasyRomance

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Updated date: 22:57:54 09/08/2022

Description "Fates Edge PROLOGUE (The Edge #3)"

IF she had only one word to describe Dominic Milano, it would be "unflappable," Audrey Callahan reflected. Stocky, hard, balding - he looked like he had just walked out of central casting after successfully landing the role of "bulldog-jawed older detective." He owned Milano Investigations, and under his supervision, the firm ran like clockwork. No emergency rattled Dominic. He never raised his voice. Nothing knocked him off his stride. Before moving to the Pacific Northwest, he'd retired from the Miami Police Department with more than a thousand homicide cases under his belt. He'd been there and done that, so nothing surprised him. That was why watching his furry eyebrows creep up on his forehead was so satisfying. Dominic plucked the top photograph from the stack on his desk. In it, Spenser "Spense" Bailey jogged down the street. The next shot showed Spense bending over. The next one caught him in a classic baseball-pitch pose, right leg raised, leaning back, a tennis ball in his fingers. Which would be fine and dandy, except that according to his doctor, Spense suffered from a herniated disk in his spine. He was restocking a warehouse when a walk-behind forklift got away from him, and the accident caused him constant, excruciating pain. He could frequently be seen limping around the neighborhood with a cane or a walker. He needed help to get into a car, and he couldn't drive because the injured disk pinched the nerve in