Fathers and Sons (Curran POV #2)

Fathers and Sons (Curran POV #2)


Genres: FantasyRomance

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Updated date: 22:49:04 09/08/2022

Description "Fathers and Sons (Curran POV #2)"

FATHERS AND SONS GORDON AND ILONA ANDREWS I floated for eternity in a sea of agony. Sometimes if I concentrated and blocked out the pain I could hear her voice, from far away. I focused on the sound, willing myself slowly toward it. Finally, after how long I didn't know, I came around and could even make out a bit of what she was saying. "...seems like a decent guy. Now they are stuck..." He had someone, she had someone, nobody was talking, and Kate did not know what to do. I opened my eyes. She looked tired and battered. Still, I had never in my life seen someone more beautiful. Nor had I ever been happier to be near her. For some reason the answer to her dilemma came to me far easier than all the things I really wanted to say. "Have you tried the Second Chance Law?" I asked quietly. Her eyes did not open. Maybe we were sharing a dream. I explained as best I could and hugged her as hard as I was able. Finally she looked at me. "You stayed with me," I whispered. She said something I could not quite catch, but it didn't matter as much as her being there to say it. I smiled and fell back to sleep. Real sleep this time-