Feet of Clay Chapter 1 (Discworld #19)

Feet of Clay Chapter 1 (Discworld #19)


Genres: FantasyHumorous

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Updated date: 00:34:47 10/08/2022

Description "Feet of Clay Chapter 1 (Discworld #19)"

It was a warm spring night when a fist knocked at the door so hard that the hinges bent. A man opened it and peered out into the street. There was mist coming off the river and it was a cloudy night. He might as well have tried to see through white velvet. But he thought afterwards that there had been shapes out there, just beyond the light spilling out into the road. A lot of shapes, watching him carefully. He thought maybe there'd been very faint points of light... There was no mistaking the shape right in front of him, though. It was big and dark red and looked like a child's clay model of a man. Its eyes were two embers. 'Well? What do you want at this time of night?' The golem handed him a slate, on which was written: WE HEAR YOU WANT A GOLEM. Of course, golems couldn't speak, could they? 'Hah. Want, yes. Afford, no. I've been asking around but it's wicked the prices you're going for these days...' The golem rubbed the words off the slate and wrote: TO YOU, ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. 'You're for sale?' NO. The golem lurched aside. Another one stepped into the light. It was also a golem, the man could see that. But it wasn't like the usual lumpen clay things that you occasionally saw. This one gleamed like a newly polished statue,