Fever (Breathless #2)

Fever (Breathless #2)


Genres: Romance

Status: Full

Updated date: 10:32:34 11/08/2022

Description "Fever (Breathless #2)"

Chapter one Jace Crestwell tapped Gabe Hamilton on the shoulder and when Gabe turned, Jace grinned. “You’ve hogged my sister long enough. It’s my turn to dance with her.” Gabe didn’t look happy with the interruption. He and Mia had been solidly glued to one another for the past hour, but he grudgingly took a step back and Mia smiled radiantly as Jace took Gabe’s place. The entire ballroom of the Bentley Hotel was decorated for Christmas, a nod to the fact that above all else, Mia loved Christmas, and it was also a well-known fact that Gabe would do damn near anything to make his new fiancée happy. And, well, Gabe moved fast when he wanted something, if nothing else. He’d started planning the engagement party the moment he got his ring on Mia’s finger. Almost as if he were afraid she’d change her mind unless he got the ball rolling immediately. It was pretty funny for Jace to see his friend in knots over a woman. The fact that the woman in question was Jace’s sister was a little weird, but Mia was happy and that was all he could ask for. “Are you enjoying yourself, baby girl?” Jace asked as he turned her around on the dance floor. Her entire face lit up. “It’s fantastic, Jace. The whole thing. It’s positively magical. I can’t