For a Few Demons More Chapter 1~2 (The Hollows #5)

For a Few Demons More Chapter 1~2 (The Hollows #5)


Genres: Fantasy

Status: Full

Updated date: 13:59:02 11/08/2022

Description "For a Few Demons More Chapter 1~2 (The Hollows #5)"

To the guy who knows that the rose is more beautiful with the thorns still on it I'd like to thank two people who have been with me from almost day one, whose combined efforts and business savvy have been so instrumental in putting me somewhere I never dreamed possible -  my editor, Diana Gill, and my agent, Richard Curtis. Chapter One Hammering my fist against the back of my closet wasn't one of my more pleasant dreams. Actually, it hurt. The pain broke through my comfortable sleepy haze, and I felt the primitive part of me that never slept coolly measuring my slow gathering of will as I tried to wake up. With an eerie feeling of disconnection, I watched it happen, even as in my dream I tore the clothes off the rod and threw them to my rumpled bed. Something, though, wasn't right. I wasn't waking up. The dream wasn't passively shredding into hard-to-remember bits. And with a jolt I realized I was conscious but not awake. What in hell? Something was really, really wrong, and instinct sent a pulse of adrenaline thorough me, demanding I wake. But I didn't. My breath was quick and ragged, and after I emptied the closet, I dropped to the floor and tapped my knuckles on the boards for a secret compartment I knew wasn't there. Frightened, I grasped my will and