Foundations Fear (Second Foundation Trilogy #1)

Foundations Fear (Second Foundation Trilogy #1)


Genres: Science Fiction

Status: Full

Updated date: 06:39:43 11/08/2022

Description "Foundations Fear (Second Foundation Trilogy #1)"

RENDEZVOUS  R. Daneel Olivaw did not look like Eto Demerzel. That role he had already cast aside.  This Dors Vanabili expected, though it was unsettling to her. She knew that through millennia he had discarded the skin and shape of countless guises.  Dors studied him in the cramped, dingy room two Sectors away from Streeling University. She had followed a convoluted route to get here and the site was protected by elaborate, overlapping secur­ ity measures. Robots were outlaws. They had lived for millennia in the deep shadow of taboo. Though Olivaw was her guide and mentor, she saw him seldom.  Yet as a humaniform robot she felt a tremor of mingled fear and reverence at this ancient, partly metallic form before her. He was nearly twenty millennia old. Though he could appear human, he did not truly wish to be human. He was inexpressibly greater than that now.  She had lived happily as a pseudo-person for so long now. Even a reminder of who and what she was came like cold fingers along her spine. “The recent increasing attention paid to Hari…”  “Indeed. You fear you will be detected.”  “The newest security measures are so invasive!”  He nodded. “You are correct to be concerned.”  “I need more help in protecting Hari.”  “Adding another of us to his