Four and Twenty Blackbirds (Eden Moore #1)

Four and Twenty Blackbirds (Eden Moore #1)


Genres: FantasyHorror

Status: Full

Updated date: 12:25:48 12/08/2022

Description "Four and Twenty Blackbirds (Eden Moore #1)"

I Eden "Draw me a picture of someplace you've been that you liked very much," Mrs. Patterson suggested, pronouncing each word with the firm, specific articulation peculiar to those who work with children. "It can be anyplace at all—an amusement park, a playground, a tree house, or your bedroom. Maybe you went on vacation once and visited the beach. You could draw the ocean with seagulls and shells. Or maybe you went camping on the mountain. You might have gone down to the waterfall for a picnic, or up to Sunset Rock. Pick a place special to you, and when you're finished, we'll put your pictures up on the bulletin board in the hallway." I cringed, staring down at the blank sheet of coarse cream paper. Before me was a plastic tub filled with fat, fruit-scented markers, ripe for the choosing. While the other kids at my table dove into a frenzy of scribbles I stalled for time, popping the lid off each color and sniffing for inspiration. Red is for cherries. Purple is for grape. Green is for . . . I didn't recognize the scent. But green is for . . . yes, green is for water. I jammed the lid onto the back of the marker and began to scrawl a wide pool across the bottom half of the sheet. Green is for water. And for alligators.