Frostfire (Kyndred #3)

Frostfire (Kyndred #3)


Genres: FantasyRomance

Status: Full

Updated date: 21:48:31 09/08/2022

Description "Frostfire (Kyndred #3)"

PART ONE Hunger Moon September 29, 2008 Surrey History Centre Woking, Surrey, U.K. As the door to her office opened, Marla Wilkes looked up from the catalog she was perusing. The stunning good looks of the man who came in made her straighten in her chair and touch a hand to the curls of her new perm. “May I help you?” His voice coiled around her ears like velvet ribbons. “I need to find some records.” “Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place.” She glanced at the clock, and sighed. “But I’m afraid you’re a bit late. The reference department closes at five.” She picked up her pencil. “If you’d care to give me the information, I can leave it on the archive clerk’s desk for first thing in the morning.” He came around her desk and pulled her out of her chair, so quickly that she hardly had time to blink. “You will find them for me.” Something burned her nose, and then spread down her throat, expanding into her chest. “Yes. I will find them.” Marla floated down the hall with him, feeling as light as the duck feathers on her best Sunday hat, and happier than a hungry schoolgirl with a basket of lardy cakes. Magician that he was, he opened all the locked