Gale Force (Weather Warden #7)

Gale Force (Weather Warden #7)


Genres: FantasyScience Fiction

Status: Full

Updated date: 17:20:11 11/08/2022

Description "Gale Force (Weather Warden #7)"

Prologue "Honey!" I yelled.  "Get the phone, would you?"  Because it was ringing off the hook, and I was a little busy trying to put out a fire.  A wildfire, actually, blazing across Alligator Alley along the coast of Florida.  It had been burning for three long days, sending choking black smoke our way. Never off duty, that was me.  Joanne Baldwin:  Weather Warden by first choice -- if a world-ending storm blew up without notice, I was the go-to girl.  My secondary ability -- and second choice -- was to act as a Fire Warden, which was what was occupying me at the moment.  Being an Earth Warden, helping living things heal and grow, and controlling things like earthquakes and volcanoes -- that was also something I could do, though not nearly as reliably or well.  So far as being comfortable with the abilities, having Earth powers was still a distant, weird, cautious third. I stood on the balcony of my apartment building, my eyes stinging from the whipping wind and drifting smoke, and worked magic.  It didn't look like I was doing much of anything, and truthfully, I probably could have gone inside, picked up the phone, talked to whatever cold-calling telemarketer was on the other end ... but I was feeling frustrated, and I needed to do something positive.  So I was concentrating, from a distance of several miles away, on rendering burnable underbrush less burnable