Harmonys Way (Breeds #8)

Harmonys Way (Breeds #8)


Genres: FantasyRomance

Status: Full

Updated date: 21:37:54 12/08/2022

Description "Harmonys Way (Breeds #8)"

PROLOGUE BOULDER, COLORADO Harmony Lancaster flipped on the television as she pulled the damp towel from her hair. Long, damp strands of black, brown and sunlit blond fell down her shoulders as she picked up her manicure set and propped herself on the bed to watch the news conference. Good ole Reverend Henry Richard Alonzo, head of one of the largest and fastest growing supremacist societies in the nation, was once again holding court and spouting nonsense. If only those to whom he preached were aware of who and what he was really all about. A son and grandson to members of the highest order of the Genetics Council. A man whose family had helped to create the monsters he now railed against. If Breeds could be called monsters. A cynical smile shaped her lips: Well, perhaps in her case. Returning to the States hadn't been an easy decision to make, especially to this area. But the job she had come here to do required it: rescuing the kidnapped daughter of a wealthy industrialist. The little girl had been amazingly brave during the rescue. It had made the job that much easier when it came to getting her out of the shack where she was being held. As for the kidnappers, they would never be found. Harmony had made certain of it. "The very creation of the