Hostage to Pleasure (Psy-Changeling #5)

Hostage to Pleasure (Psy-Changeling #5)


Genres: FantasyRomance

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Updated date: 21:21:01 09/08/2022

Description "Hostage to Pleasure (Psy-Changeling #5)"

Prologue CHOICES When, in a desperate attempt to save their people from the twin scourges of murder and insanity, the Psy race decided to embrace the Silence Protocol and eliminate emotion from their lives, it was by no means an easy decision. Blood was shed. Innocents and guilty alike died. Hearts were destroyed, and the pain of it split the PsyNet into two. But perhaps the cruelest aspect of Silence was that it forced people to choose. Acceptance or rebellion, parent or lover, sister or child. There was no middle ground. Those left inside the Net would never again reach out to the ones who walked away. And the exiled would live forever with the heartbreak of knowing that those they loved were being taught to devalue love itself. It hurt. Like a bruise that would not heal, pulsing with the pain of memory, of loss. Now, in the year 2080, the hurt has faded, the choices have been made, and those in the PsyNet live a life of cold Silence. Love is no longer something they understand, much less desire. Because to love is to be flawed. And the Psy do not allow the flawed to live. Chapter 1 To survive, you must become more Silent than the Council, your heart ice, your mind a flawless prism. But never forget