Inferno (The Kindred #4)

Inferno (The Kindred #4)


Genres: FantasyYoung Adult

Status: Full

Updated date: 08:49:25 12/08/2022

Description "Inferno (The Kindred #4)"

CHAPTER 1 “This is the center of town?” Melissa inquired softly, surprise and disbelief evident in her voice. Devon stared out at the small buildings as they drove slowly past. There was a tiny post office with two mailboxes out front, a barber shop, tailor, feed store, dry cleaner, a bank, and a rather large general store he suspected passed as their grocery store too. He turned down a side road, passing by a Catholic church, a synagogue, and a Lutheran church. The road came to an end, splitting back toward the woods and back roads, or back toward the center of town. Though a few cars lined the roadsides, they were all in parking spaces. They had not been abandoned but placed there by their owners. Even the homes they drove by still had cars waiting expectantly in their driveway, just hoping that their owners would come out and take them for one final spin. Devon knew that was not going to happen. “Go back,” Chris said softly. Devon turned back toward town, trying to get a sense of the place, trying to figure out if there were still people living amongst the small array of buildings. “Do you sense anything?” he asked softly. Chris’s hand tightened on the back of Devon’s seat as he leaned forward. “No,” he whispered. “Nothing. But a lot of people may not live