Kindred (The Kindred #1)

Kindred (The Kindred #1)


Genres: FantasyYoung Adult

Status: Full

Updated date: 08:42:13 12/08/2022

Description "Kindred (The Kindred #1)"

PROLOGUE 16 years earlier “Take them! Mary take them! You have to go!” Mary stared down at the two blond children that had been thrust into her arms. Her son was staring at her with wide blue eyes that were startlingly wise, and more than a little unnerving, for a one year old. His small hands curled around his blanket as he watched his mother silently. The other baby was just as quiet, her eyes wide and a shocking violet blue that also appeared far to knowing for her age. Though Mary had never said anything, the age within the children’s eyes had always slightly unnerved her. Now it terrified her. She blinked in startled surprise at the man before her, the man that had just handed her the children, John. He was her husband, but now, when it was too late, she realized that she didn’t know him at all. That she had never known him. The thought sent a fresh wave of cold terror down her spine. Goose pimples broke out on her flesh; she could barely breathe through the anxiety clutching at her chest. “Mary, you must get them to safety.” She began to shake, clinging tighter to the children who had yet to make a sound. “Take them! Take them where?” she cried, battling against the tears that filled her eyes and clogged